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Holibag allows you to book a luggage storage at local shops.

With HOLIBAG° travelers stucked with their luggage meet local merchants with space in their shop to store it.

It is quite simple !

1. Search

Write the adress, pick a date and how many bag you need to drop off

2. Choose a storage duration

You can drop off your bag at our partner shop for 4 hours, until 5 days.

3. Select a shop

The website provides a list of local partner shops available for your date. Select the shop that suits you the best to drop your luggage off.

4. Enjoy!

Our partner merchant will take great care of your luggages, so you can fully enjoy your stay.

HOLIBAG° is easy, useful and cheap. Discover a new way to travel and enjoy your stay until the end !

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Luggage storage is known to be a locker, located in stations or airports most of the time.

Holibag° comes up with a new luggage storage service and allows you to store your luggage where you really need. Our luggage storage are not cold and dark lockers, but amazing merchants partners welcoming you in their shop.

They will give you some good plans according to your personal needs, so enjoy it !

YES, HOLIBAG° allows you to book your luggage storage one month before.

So you can plan your travel easily.

YES, you can book your luggage at the last minute ! Very useful if you are tired of holding your bag.

The reservation number if the number we give you when you book a luggage storage. The merchant host also has your reservation number to avoid any confusion with the luggage.

The withdrawal code is very important to keep in mind ! You are the only one to know this code.

You have to give this code to your host when you take back your luggage from the shop. This code is very useful, because :

  • It allows to secure your luggage and without this code the merchant will refuse to give back your luggage. Thanks to that we are sure there will be no idendity theft.
  • It allows us to know exactly the end of the storage time.
  • It allows us to be sure you took back well your luggage

The reservation number is useful to check your booking.

The withdrawal code is a secret code you have to give to the merchant in order to get your luggage back and to end the storage.

Our pricing is simple and made for short time :

Duration Price
4 hours 4 euros
6 hours 6 euros
12 hours 8 euros
24 hours 12 euros
2 days 24 euros
3 days 36 euros
4 days 48 euros
5 days 60 euros

You receive a notification 30 minutes before the end of the storage. Please note that you can be in late under 15 minutes without having a surtax. Over the 15 minutes, you are automatically transfered on the next storage time.

Yes, you can cancel your booking :

  • If you cancel your booking more than 24h before the storage starts, you will be entirely reimbursed .
  • If you cancel your booking less than 24H before the storage starts, you won't be reimbursed.

Yes, you can drop off 10 bags maximum per reservation.

Nooo ! Holibag isn't like the other luggage storage service ;-) But we only store luggage, helmet, keys, stroller …

No ! But keep in mind that Holibag isn't a storage space where you can drop huge stuff, we got friends who are providing this service: cliquant ici (

For the moment you can find luggage storage almost everywhere in France. Our luggage storage are in Paris, Rouen, Marseille, Strasbourg, Lille and more than 100 other cities. If you want to follow or international developpment, follow us on the social networks :




To be honest, we are glad to know it and invite you to take a coffee, what do you think ?

To be honest, we are sad to heard it, but we really would like to know more about it… Come and have a coffee with us, so we can talk ! What do you think ?

You won't regret it !

Yes ! For the moment it is basic, but soon you will make cool stuff on your account ;-)

Nothing special. In accordance with legal obligations HOLIBAG ° is subject to a CNIL declaration, which you can obtain simply by asking us.

Nothing at all. HOLIBAG° does not retain any data relating to your bank account. HOLIBAG° is working with Stripe, a paiement platform that guarantee the paiement security

It's the contraction of two words : Holiday and Bag. Holibag also means Holidays in Scots Gaelic.

In many situations like :

  • When you arrive in a city on the morning and you get the key of you rental room in the afternoon
  • When you have to leave the room in the morning and you flight is in the afternoon
  • When you go to a business meeting and you don't have time to go to the hotel first
  • When your train departure is in two hours and you don't want to wait in the station

... In many cases you will see that Holibag can be very useful.

Sadly, it is like every luggage storage, you have to check the opening hours. If you are late and the shop is close you have to wait the opening on the next day to take your luggage back.

Yeah ! Holibag° has an application on the Appstore for iPhone and the website is responsive design ! Isn't it perfect ?

For Android : be patient, it comes ;-) !

The push notifications are helping you to keep in mind your storage time.

If you refuses to get those notifications, you won't be warned about the end of your luggage storage.

We do not send any commercial push notifications.

First of all, thank you for trusting Holibag° !

As soon as you paid your storage, the merchant partner is noticed about your booking, so you can go to his shop to drop your bag off.

You can find your withdrawal code in your personal account on our website.

It's unfortunate…

Are you sure you really lost it ? By going on your personal account, then in « my reservations »

If you lost it, don't panic, Holibag has (almost) every solution ! Contact us by email at

We need to get your suggestion, information, or bugs… even if Nicolas (our CTO) is doing a great job we are not sure to be perfect all the time ! You're help is very useful 

No. You cannot pay directly the merchant because you're luggage won't be insured. When you are booking a storage on Holibag your luggage are insured again theft, loss and deterioration. If you go directly to the partner shop without reservation, you won't be insured and the merchant will refuse to keep your luggage.