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Managing your storage activity is very simple with 2 buttons only: a button "Receive the luggage" and a button "Restore luggage"

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Everyday we are so glad to see that your are more and more to join the Holibag's network ! Up to now, we offer a luggage storage service in more than 100 cities in France. Thanks to you, travellers can book a luggage storage in Paris, in Rouen or even in Marseille. So they can visit our beautiful regions without being stuck with their luggage. With us you contribute to change the world by changing the way we travel.

Thanks to you Holibag became the bigger luggage storage network in France.

We try to improve the urban mobility by making it easier and reachable. The price of luggage storage in Paris is the same as everywhere in France. A luggage storage in Strasbourg costs the same as luggage storage in Aix-En-Provence.

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Our goal is to allow travellers to drop off their luggage in the shop of their choice. That's why we to try to diversify the store categories : luggage storage in a hotel, luggage storage in a wine cellar or even a storage in one of the older brasserie in France.





Restaurant / Brasserie

Restaurant / Brasserie

Home / Decoration

Home / Decoration

Wine cellar

Wine cellar

Safety is our priority

A secure plan adapted to your business


The information provided by the traveler when booking a storage allows us to know exactly who he is. Payment by credit card allows us to check the identity.

Visual check

Safety is our priority, that's why we ask you to take a look in the traveler's luggage. If the traveler refuses, you must refuse to store his belongings.

Luggage labeling

In order to identify luggage quickly and easily, we provide you with free labels. The labeling avoid risks of confusing the bags stored in the shop.

Closing of luggage

Some travelers do not have locking systems on their luggage: padlocks, code, etc. So, we provide cable ties.